If you are ready to be a part of who we are, your next step is to get involved. 
Here Are 5 Ways You Can Begin To Make This Church Your Church

Ready To Be With Us?

We gather one time per week and we focus on three things: Relationship, Discipleship, and Devotion.  

Join us online Sunday’s at 10 AM EST.

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Ready To Be A Part Of Our Team?

You will notice an incredible difference when you are. We don’t have titles or positions when it comes to Being The Church. We have gifts and talents that we use to serve others so that people can experience the life changing love of God.

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Have An Idea Or Need More Information?

We believe everybody has a part to play when it comes to building the kingdom of Heaven on earth and we want to know what your part is, because we know you make us better.

Click HERE to let us know your thoughts or how we can help. We believe there is a place for you here and want to know more.

Know Someone Who Needs To Hear The Message?

Invest In Them, Invite Them, Share With Them, Bring Them Along.

Sharing The Message gives you an opportunity to be a part of someone’s story. The time you invest in an invitation impacts eternity and there is nothing greater than using your influence to help someone get to Heaven.

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Join The Cause.

The greatest treasure on earth is people. That is why the church exists. This is why we give.

Your giving creates opportunities for people to experience the life-changing love of God. There is no greater impact we can make together than giving from our hearts.

Because Gods Will For Your Life Is To Have Heaven In Your Heart, You Find It In Matthew 6:10. This Is Why Our Heart And Our Treasure Are In The Same Place. We Value People And Understand That In Heaven They Hold The Greatest Value To God.

Matthew 6:21 Where your treasure is, that is where your heart is also.

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