Know someone who needs to here the message?
Invite Them To Watch Online Or Share The Message With Them.

An invitation gives each of us the opportunity to be a part of someone’s story.

The most significant part of our mission is to help people live in a real relationship with God. We believe that begins by bringing others along which happens first by personally living as an example.

If God has changed your life, you too, were invited and shared with at one point, so you understand the impact an invitation makes. It might be small but it has significant impact, just like the invite you received, it creates the opportunity for someone’s life to be changed. Your invitation to someone is not just something to do; we believe it is a big part of who we are and why we exist. 

As long as there is one person who does not know God, we will continually ask, invite, share, and bring because believing in our mission, compels each of us to lead others to Jesus.