Be A Part Of The Lead Team

We don’t have titles or positions when it comes to Sundays. We have gifts and talents and we use them to serve people so they can experience the life changing love of God.

You will notice an incredible difference when you serve, we call this significance, because there is nothing better than being a part of helping lead someone toward life change. Serving creates kingdom impact and changes eternity.

Joining The Lead Team is one of the best ways to get involved at Redefined Church. Whether it’s greeting people as they come in, serving backstage, or being part of our local outreach, we’ll help you find your place.

Joining our team is a great next step for everyone because you get to lead in an area that you like. We believe lives are changed one at a time through meaningful interactions with people who have real relationships. As a member of the lead team you play an important role in that process.

The bible says we are all members of one body and when everyone is in their place we make the greatest impact in Heaven.

If today is your day to jump on board and become part of our team, we are ready and have a spot for you.

Lead Team Opportunities


Be the first to welcome guests, answer questions they might have, help them find the best seats, and love them on their way back to their car.

POSITIONS: Ushers, Greeters, Parking, Coffee, Info Desk, Next Steps                      


Be a part of creating the different environments that people people experience on Sunday’s. This team operates sound, video, lights, and every technical detail that supports the messages being shared in our rooms every weekend.

No experience required.

POSITIONS: Set Up, Tear Down, Service Prep, Audio, Video, Web, Social Media                           


Assist staff with projects and administrative tasks, as well as preparation for upcoming Sunday Services. There are Admin opportunities throughout the week.

POSITIONS: Info Desk, Lead Team Check In, Sunday Communication, Calendar, Email Blast, Personal Records, Church Management, Metrics.           


Every Sunday, our church is led by committed singers and musicians who serve the mission of our church by creating an atmosphere that allows people to worship God freely.

POSITIONS: Vocalists, Keys, Guitar, Drums.


We believe one of the biggest positions in our church is leading our young people. Here you get to be a part of shaping our next generation by engaging kids with the Gospel and helping them build their faith. You can lead directly by teaching Bible stories, singing songs, and leading group activities, or you can serve behind the scenes and help provide a great experience for kids and parents through parent partnership.

POSITIONS: Nursery, Pre-School, Elementary, Students.

Join Our Team!