Kids Ministry of Redefined Church

NURSERY: New Born – 2 Years Old

Your baby will experience personal care from everyone on our team. We keep our nursery rooms ready for your little ones with age-appropriate toys that are thoroughly cleaned before service.

We know babies have specific needs and schedules, so when you bring your baby to the classroom, we have an easy-to-use form that you can fill out to let our team know the feeding, sleeping, and changing needs of your baby. We also take time to love and pray for your baby each week.

Our goal with your baby in the Nursery is to embrace their physical needs so they get a great first impression of who their heavenly father is.
PRE SCHOOL: 3 Years Olds – 5 Years Olds

In preschool, Your child will start to engage more with their church experience, they also start to form relationships with other kids and their teachers, so we help them interact and build their faith through stories, crafts, games, and songs that teach them biblical truths.

Our goal with your pre schooler is to guide their curiosity and allow them to see their uniqueness as a child of god.
ELEMENTARY: Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Every weekend in our kindergarten through fifth grade environments your kids will experience dynamic worship and biblical teaching. Most of their time will be spent in a Small Group to give them the benefit of a consistent interaction with kids their age. Together, they learn about the Bible and how to have a relationship with God and each other. They memorize Scripture, and have fun developing friendships with each other.

Your children will be taught practical biblical lessons through a learning focus for their grade level and a collection of series topics throughout the year.

The learning focus for their grade level will be taught by their Small Group leader, and their group will work together on learning objectives like memorizing Scripture and understanding Biblical principles. The series topic will be presented through a video Bible lesson followed by age-specific guided discussion with their Small Group.

Kindergarteners will grow best through play. Their love for learning expands and their ability to get along with others develops exponentially. Kindergarten is where your child takes their next step in relationships with others as we start to engage them in group conversations and explore ways of reaching out.

First Graders will grow in their personal identity by learning that they are created by God, loved by Him, and that Jesus wants to be their best friend.

Second Graders will learn how to grow in their relationship with God through prayer and worship.

Third Graders will learn how to build positive relationships by focusing on the two greatest commandments: loving God and loving people.

Fourth Graders will learn more about the Bible, how to appreciate the amazing gift it is, and start to understand the authority it has in our lives.

Fifth Graders will explore their God-given purpose by learning about spiritual gifts and how to share the hope of Jesus with others.

Our Goal with your elementary child is to promote and engage their interest in their personal relationship with God.