The Church is a movement, not a monument.

We Exist To Lead People To Live in a Real Relationship with God and Others so that; The Un-Churched will Recieve (John 3:16-17) The Churched will be Renewed (Psalms 51:10) and The De-Churched will be Restored (Psalms 51:12).

In Matthew, chapter 22, Jesus was asked, what is the most important command OR what is the most fundamental law we should follow?  He responded, “Love God with everything you are AND Love each other as much as you love yourself.” He continued, “If you do only this, you will find that everything else will take care of itself.

This means life is not about what we do for God; it’s not a routine or a set of rules we must follow; it is a relationship we live in, God only wants our hearts. The bible tells us repeatedly that the most important thing we can do is live in a relationship with God and each other.

Redefined Church is a genuine group of people living that out, like the first Church referenced in Acts 2. God has always built his Church through people, and it is who we are that makes the difference. The Church is a movement, not a monument.

We are here to rekindle that movement and reconnect people to a relationship with God so that we can live in a real community. Getting back to the original commandment and who the first Church was is why Redefined exists. It also how we will fulfill the commission referenced in Matthew 28, which leads to our strategy of helping people learn about God, Live Like Jesus, and Lead others to do the same.

We believe this will change peoples lives, improve our community, and impact our city.

Our Pastors: Dusty & Heather Otis

How Redefined Started

Dusty and Heather have been married for 13 years and have 3 kids with one on the way. Dusty has spent 20 years in ministry, mostly at Church on the Move in his home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Heather is a bible school graduate and a stay at home wife and mom.

During a 2017 spring visit to Detroit, Dusty and Heather experienced multiple communities, all different from each other, but all Detroit. After a weeks stay, some serious conversation, and a lot of prayer they went back to Oklahoma with heavy hearts for our city and a burden to come back.

Over the next few months, they fell in love with the opportunity to be a part of bringing life to the neighborhoods of Detroit. They began dreaming about what a united city would look like. In December of 2017 they moved their family to Grosse Pointe and started One City, a compassion-driven non-profit organization focused on uniting Detroit.

Through One City they plan to start life giving churches in local neighborhoods and outreach centers in and around our city that will address transportation, housing, education, nutritional, and medical needs with the goal of reaching every generation in every community of Detroit.

Two years into their journey their family is settled and they are taking their next steps toward the vision God put in their heart. The doors to Redefined Church open January 5th, 2020 in Grosse Pointe Park.